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Updates About Me

1) I just took my security + exam and passed it! It feels great to be certified and I welcome the challenges that are soon to come from my job. 2) I am learning more and more about VBA and SharePoint. 3) Working on another business website 2 Dudes Webdesign. We are not finished but will be soon.. so check back often. We are offering website services and webdesign. 4) Fixed my parents PS3 (PlayStation 3), so now I have a new PlayStation. 5) Figured out to make a better Firefox toolbar with a much better interface. Well that is all for now.

My Command Center

Ok so I wanted to write and tell you all what I have been up to. I have been very busy after graduation from college.
  1. In the process of starting my own business for WordPress Extensions (Wpxtensions.com).
  2. My first project and one of my favorites is my server that is installed at my house (running PHP, MySQL, and Apache) it is more like a sandbox environment for testing applications and such.
  3. I was able to setup SVN (Subversion) on my Bluehost server so that I can have backups of all my data for each plugin that I have developed (WEBSVN Most links are disabled ***No Stealing).
  4. I have three monitors (one ripped off of an old Dell laptop with a $55 modded part to make it run VGA) and running a beast of a machine now. You can check the specs here.