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Plugins Updates With SVN Repos and WebSVN

I have been creating and configuring all sorts of new applications and wanted a way to track and update my plugins and projects easily and conveniently, so I created Plugin Updates plugin. This plugin makes a breeze to configure and update all things related to plugins. I first installed SVN and WebSVN on my server through Bluehost.com (dedicated IP, works best). Then I started making repos for all my plugins and low and behold I was able to create something really useful for me, here take a look and the demo video:
UPDATE: Ok so the version commander has finally found a place on wpxtensions.com. The functionality is the much the same it still versions plugins and pushes them out, but it may look a little different from the video. So any way if you want to buy the plugin you still have time to do so, for a discounted price.