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Arras theme page comments

Ok so I ran into this while looking at my site after upgrading to wordpress version 2.9 and found that all my comments for pages disappeared but the post comments were fine, So I googled and found that arras theme has a conflict with wordpress v2.9. and this is the issue and wamo-bamo it worked!
Instructions for configuration

Top 20 WordPress Plugins I’m featured #11

Thanks to Kerry Webster for the table and the download link to the pdf download! I'm featured in a Magazine! In issue 164 of Web Designer Magazine there is a feature article on WordPress plug-ins, "Electrify Your Blog: The Top 20 WordPress Plug-ins for the Next-gen Blogger". Matt Mullenweg comments on the top 20 wordpress plugins and I must say that these plugins are very awesome and two of the plugins that I use is of course mine mp3 player plugin and contact form 7 I have not tried all of the others yet but with have to take the time to do so. I think that this is very cool that I am featured in a magazine just because of a hobby lol.
Plugin Name/Link Author WP Version Required
1. Tweet Blender Kirill Navotchenko 2.0.2 +
2. Facebook Dashboard Widget Chris Chrisostomou 2.5 +
3. uQuery iPhone App Widget RADSense Software 2.6 +
4. WordPress Mobile Pack James Pearce/dotMobi 2.5 +
5. Google Analytics for WordPress Joost de Valk 2.7 +
6. Smart YouTube Vladimir Prelovac 2.0 +
7. Better Tag Cloud Nicolas Kuttler 2.8 +
8. WP-PostRatings Lester Chan 2.8 +
9. Flickr + Highslide Pim Linders 2.7 +
10. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine 2.3 +
11. MP3 Player Plugin Thomas Norberg 2.6 +
12. WP-DBManager Lester Chan 2.8 +
13. SEO Friendly Images Vladimir Prelovac 2.0 +
14. Google XML Sitemap Arne Brachhold 2.1 +
15. Sidenotes Stephan Lenhart 2.3 +
16. Theme Switch Nicolas Kuttler 2.7 +
17. Resize-on-Upload John Tindell 2.8.1 +
18. Cute Profiles Tejaswini Deshpande, Sanjeev Mishra 2.7 +
19. Contact Form 7 Takayuki Miyoshi 2.7 +
20. StatPress Reloaded Manuel Grabowski 2.5 +


Ok So I needed to install a new version of wordpress (v2.9) for my site because I wanted to make sure that I my plugin would work right with new wordpress. So I auto install from my host (BTW wicked COOL, couldn't do that before on my previous site), it does its thing and then says done. I go to check my set to see the new stuff and get this error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 4864 bytes) in /home4/thomasno/public_html/wp-includes/default-widgets.php on line 613 I had no idea what to do and then I thought maybe a couple of searches through WordPress and Google and maybe I could get somewhere. I then found this little GEM that fixed everything:

You put this in your wp_config.php file at the top right above: