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Confused about Autoblogging

When I first started doing my web page I thought that the majority of my posts should be generated by me..... But then after going through my spam comments I found a link to a site that gathers all RSS feeds and generates content for you (unique content generator).
  • I feel that yes it is a pain to write and create fresh new content everyday.
  • I know that this type of thing is great for SEO stuff, but I feel what happened to us?
  • People aren't creative anymore?
I think that if you write at least once a week or every three days is definitely sufficient. I have subscribed to a lot of RSS feeds and some of them write sometimes three times a day. For someone that spends only time on the computer to write code and plugins and things of that nature, I felt overwhelmed to find that just after three days I have 650 messages in my inbox (WHOA!?!?!?!). Really crazy so needless to say I have since then either been deleting them and not reading them or getting rid of the feed all together. So in other words is this content generation thing all that necessary?