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OK So I have started development of my first plugin and I am extremely excited!!!!! I have spent probably over 80 hours in development and I am still not done... I have had some help from, of course the internet and a book by Vladmir Prelovac Wordpress Plugin Development and I think it is great. I would also like to thank for letting me use their awesome MP3 players to make the plugin:

My version of the plugin does work and is on my sidebar to the right and below!
Flash required
Updated File Download HERE from wordpress site!: (version 1.2.4)
download mp3_player plugin
NOTE: If updating to new version move mp3 folder to different location so not to lose all your songs in the folder.

  1. Upload the whole plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress by clicking "MP3 Player plugin".
  3. Go to your Options Panel and open the "MP3 options" submenu /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=mp3options.
  4. Go to widgets submenu under Appearance Panel and activate widget title "MP3 Player plugin". /wp-admin/widgets.php.
  5. You can also activate it anywhere in your wordpress site by adding:
  6. You can also add a RSS link to those .mp3 files anywhere in your wordpress site by adding:
  7. Only .mp3 files work with this plugin. (upload files to /wp-content/plugins/mp3-player-plugin-for-wordpress/mp3 ).
Options that can be configured in posts and pages: USAGE: with every code except playlst :
Flash required

61 thoughts on “MP3 Player Plugin for wordpress”

  1. Ok, I deleted those to files and I moved all the mp3 files directly into the mp3 folder as you can see HERE. For some reason it still is not working. The playlist still is showing as undefined as you can see HERE

    Perhaps I am missing something simple. BTW I really appreciate your time in helping me. Not many others would do the same.

    Thanks Tom!

  2. Love the plugin but for some reason when I use the baby player it doesn’t play my songs. It just keeps the loading icon going but when I use the other players, the songs starts playing in 5 seconds or less.

  3. Ok, I think I was able to bypass the HEX color code issue, but now it appears my player only works when I use the code for player 1, [mp3_embed playlst=\\ colors=\#781613\ id=\2\ nums=\2\].

    If I try to use [mp3_embed blog_plyrs=\2\ id=\2\ nums=\2\ colors=\#900345\ ] or [mp3_embed blog_plyrs=\3\] my playlist comes up as undefined. Is there a way to define the playlist?

    Here is the link to my site where I have put these codes in….

    1. move the compilation folder to a diff part of your server becasue the playlist.php code just reads .mp3 files not folders. So try that and let me know what happens..

      1. I moved the Compilation Album folder so there are only 2 .mp3 files in the /public_html/ folder. One is “thisiswar.mp3 and the other is 01-116-Intro.mp3 file. The player still is showing up as “undefined”

        1. Ok so I looked at your site here. The files under compilation are still there that would def cause the problem with accessing the mp3 files in the mp3 folder.

          So you should move your files to somewhere other than that mp3 folder and then access them from your site.

          suggested placement…

          delete the two songs

          and take the compilation folder songs and put them in the mp3 folder without the compilation tag.

          So it would be just

          and all songs in the mp3 not compilation folder.

          Then it should work. Because the way that the playlist.php finds files is just .mp3 files not folders so you have to move them.

          I am going to work on a new implementation to incorporate multiple playlists on a site. So you can have one playlist with 10 songs and multiple others with a number of songs on them, so totally versatile.

          Tom πŸ˜†

  4. Hi Tom,

    I was wondering if there’s an option somewhere in this plugin to stop the songs from repeating once they’ve all been played?

    Thanks for the great plugin otherwise :).


  5. I keep getting this error…

    1) You have entered an invalid HEX Color Code \\ please read the directions!

    I uninstalled and reinstaled this plugin and still is not working. I set up a user name for you to see if you can fix the issue. Where can I email/pm you?

  6. The player doesn’t appear in Firefox, it just continually tells people they need to upgrade flash. It is happening on both Mac and PC. I have upgraded flash and still getting the error. Any thoughts.

    1. hmmm wierd you have the most recent version???? If not upload new version here version 1.1.5.

      Ok if that does not work still let me know. But other than that I need a website were the player is installed.

      another note just to let you know sometimes plugins conflict with my plugin but that can be alliviated by deactivating all plugins activate mine and then one by let me know what the problem is and which plugin breaks my plugin.

      Thank you so much for the download!

      1. Thanks for the reply.
        The plugin is the latest version. I have deactivated all plugins and tested it again with no luck.

        It works fine with IE, Chrome, and Safari.

        The link to it’s location is the link on my name. I am a bit stumped.

    2. actually I have same problem, can see it on firefox, but when I use safari it does work. please help!

  7. I like this player, thanx for the hard work on it.
    question … the playlist displays the names of the mp3 files, is there a way to get it to get it to display something more descriptive?

    1. eventually I wil make a flash player that will be able to pull all the ID3 tags from the music I have to learn a lot more about flash so eventually there will be one.

      Thanks for the feedback!

    1. I’m so sorry that might happen I will make sure that I try something else maybe a bold section in the options panel that says backup mp3 folder before automatic DL.

      Just a quick question if you could put a player like the small one anywhere in your site would you use it? (i.e. post, pages, anywhere [shortags])

      1. honestly, for a single mp3 player I prefer using Β΅Audio Player, because I just link the mp3 wherever it is. I’m using that on I love to have the control where I have my own mp3s. Thx for your reply and yes, that would be a good idea letting us know that all files will be deleted πŸ˜‰

  8. Thx for this excellent plugin. My humble suggestion: configure a custom folder where the mp3 are located, so we can have multiple playlist maybe. greetings from Mexico

  9. yeah, i suppose we can do that…i had to check with the other admins 1st
    do you have a personal email i can send the login info to?

      1. thanks very much for helping fix the problem, not many people these days go out of their way for complete strangers…

        i’ll spread the word about the fine plugin,best one i’ve seen for wordpress πŸ™‚

  10. I like this player very much , and has been using it.
    But I have a problem, when the music file name is Chinese, playlists can not be displayed, shown as a blank and can not play. How to be able to support Chinese? Is it necessary to amend the content of “playlist.php”? Very much looking forward to your response! πŸ™‚

    1. I’m working on that for next release 1.1.4 hopefully will have it sorry about that…… But if you just change the name to English for now it should work.

  11. just keep getting the same error:
    1) You have entered an invalid HEX Color Code \\ please read the directions!

    and it displays this where the player should be on the site…
    i’ve tried several codes even the default #FFFFFF
    keeps giving me the color error….for now i dont care what color it is, i just wanted to get the player working πŸ™‚

    1. Um I don’t know if you want to do this but I can’t really troubleshoot something that I can’t see within the admin section…..
      So is there any way that you can send me temp passcode to set up plugins on your site and then delete the user when I am done?
      I know its a stupid question and possibly not a very good start but thats really is the only way I can see what is going on within your site.

    1. hmm let me look into that it my be some malfunction with the code….#45432D is your color code in your page. it should have changed. It seems to me that it is working to display the code but the admin options are not working on your end? ….

      So maybe you might have hit the “GO” button and it went back to #FFFFFF and that might happen. So if you are changing the color and thats it just hit the “Save Changes” button instead. But if you change other options and you do not want the color to go back to the default hit the “GO” and then the “Save Changes” button. Sorry for the confusion I will see if I can fix that in later version so that this does not happen again.

      1. Thanks πŸ™‚ Okay, I tried it as you mentioned but the color still didn’t change. I’m patient, I can wait until a later version in which that fix may be addressed. There isn’t a way I can just alter the code by hand by editing any files, is there?

        PS: Great plugin! Thank you for creating it πŸ™‚

        1. 1) The color picker works to pick the color right? If not try checking to see if javascript is enabled in your browser.
          2) you cannot right click to view source on your site…. but you have to go to View the View source
          3) I will upload a video on how to set player options.

          Also try uploading some music and see if you can see a difference….
          And try a more exotic color (pink) to see if it works.

        2. Yup, the color picker works in the options screen for selecting a new color. I’ve tried all sorts of colors but it doesn’t change. I had some tunes uploaded earlier and tried changing the colors then, but it didn’t work. Then I removed the music and tried it again. Still didn’t change colors. I’ll wait for your video. I have a feeling, though, that its either something with Firefox or something with the color picker part itself.

  12. Hey there,

    I followed the the instructions and the fixes that you published in the comments on this page. However the songs will still not play. This is sad as it looks perfect with my page.

    here is the code that I changed t to as per your previous post:

    $dir = “mp3/”;
    $earl = “wp-content/plugins/mp3-player-plugin-for-wordpress/mp3/”;

    Please help,
    A Jr.

    1. I just sent a new version to the wordpress site and it should show up shortly. version 1.1.3.

      $earl = β€œwp-content/plugins/mp3-player-plugin-for-wordpress/mp3/”;

      you forgot the

      $earl = β€œ/wp-content/plugins/mp3-player-plugin-for-wordpress/mp3/”;

    1. go to: playlist.php file located in the plugin directory and

      $earl = “/wp-content/plugins/mp3_player_options/mp3/”;


      $earl = “/wp-content/plugins/mp3-player-plugin-for-wordpress/mp3/”;

      and sorry about that I will later tonight.

        1. you tried above fix???? but it did not work because your default page is

          so try


          because the default code is set up to read from


          BUT The new version update should fix this issue and be able to link to the files and play them.

          1. COOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!
            THANKS For REPLYING!!!!!!! and giving me feedback if you want different things let me know and I can see what I can do. I will eventually purchase the .swf files from or make my own to completely customize but that requires lot and lots and lots of work but we will see.

            Thanks again glad you like it, I love it too lots of work went into making and learning the code.

            Would you want to leave a link to your page where the plugin is located so that the other plugins connoisseurs can see it? I will link you on my site here on this page.

  13. Looks good, but I can’t get them to play. I’ve uploaded them and they are listed in the player – just won’t play.

    Do I need to change chmod settings for access?
    Do I have to wait for them to load in their entirety before they will start playing?


    1. Ok the default location of the playlist file is :


      you have:


      I also need to update the files to read the correct .zip location when downloaded. So you will need to do some editing until further updates can be arranged.

      go to: playlist.php file located in the plugin directory and
      //TITLE: playlist.php
      $dir = "mp3/";
      $earl = "/wp-content/plugins/mp3-player-plugin-for-wordpress/mp3/";
      $n = 0;
      $playlist = array();

      //TITLE: playlist.php
      $dir = "mp3/";
      $earl = "wordpress/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/mp3-player-plugin-for-wordpress/mp3/";
      $n = 0;
      $playlist = array();

      Then on the playlist22.php file the same kind of thing for the RSS support to work.

      Thank you for pointing that out and I will fix it soon!

  14. Make it a good one!:lol:
    It would be nice if it worked autoplay and when you move from page to page, he would have continued to play a song.

    1. I’m not sure I understand your question but the autoplay option in the admin panel adjusts to make the it autoplay or not. In order to make the player continue from page to page I would have to incorporate a server option and I’m not to sure how to do that. I will look into it and let you know.

  15. Hi
    Where I put the code for align the mp3 player in the center of sidebar.
    by default the player show in left but i cant found the code (if exists) for change to center.
    Reagards πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    1. Ok that would require some additional settings in the admin options and some code in the player show up option. I will update that in future versions of the plugin. If you know a little html you can go to wp-content/plugins/mp3_player_options/mp3-play-widget.php you can add after
      <div align=”center”><p><?php embed_RSS(); ?> then that should work. Let me know if it doesn’t.

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