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Just thought I would change my site a little

I think I like it but not too sure yet.. I need to see how it grows on me and then I need to see how much work I want to put into it, development wise anyway. I may not put any custom code in here at all. I think this should just be for random blurps about me and what I like. I will say however it has been way too long since I have done anything on this site. Not too sure if I will keep it alive or not. So my question to myself is where is this really going? Am I going to continue to fork my self out there to all you hungry readers about the nonsense that I write or continue to use this site as hub for my ongoing endeavors with WordPress and all its glory? (HMMMMMM) Definitely something to think about.

Updates About Me

1) I just took my security + exam and passed it! It feels great to be certified and I welcome the challenges that are soon to come from my job. 2) I am learning more and more about VBA and SharePoint. 3) Working on another business website 2 Dudes Webdesign. We are not finished but will be soon.. so check back often. We are offering website services and webdesign. 4) Fixed my parents PS3 (PlayStation 3), so now I have a new PlayStation. 5) Figured out to make a better Firefox toolbar with a much better interface. Well that is all for now.