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Moving to Digital Movies with iTunes

So you have all those old movies collecting dust on your shelves???? Yes I do so what do we do with them??? Burn them to a hard drive and view from Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod and stream over cellular. The cellular may be another post but if you would like to know anything about how to do it I can tell you... Now first things first I posses and have purchased all of the DVDs that I am copying to my HDD. Couple of things that you need in order to get started...
  1. DVD ripping software -  I have iSkySoft iMedia Converter Deluxe that I paid for.... But I think I used handbrake before and didn't realize that I still had it when I started this burning process again.
  2. Now I am not sure what DVD ripping software you may use, but the iSkySoft one did not come with meta tagging ability.
    • So the search began... I found MetaZ... It works great for tagging movies. And eases the anal retentiveness with DVD Artwork
    • Also if the DVD Artwork does not work completely for iTunes (like does not go all the way to the top), you can go to this site to search for new artwork:
  3. Now that we have those things we can start ripping and moving to iTunes. Once you rip the DVD, MetaZ has an option that when you are done with processing your data you can move it to your iTunes library.
  4. Once we have the movie in the iTunes library we can view it just like any other movie like we could buy from iTunes.
Couple of links for reference: getvideoartwork tutorial: MetaZ: A tutorial I followed to accomplish most of want I wanted: iSkySoft iMedia Converter Deluxe:

Finding the little exclamation marks in iTunes

I found the coolest thing the other day when I was searching how to fix the exclamation marks on my iTunes for a few hundred songs. In order to methodically go through each one of them you need to: 1) Create a Regular Playlist (named "no exclam") in iTunes and then go to the top most Music folder. 2) Then click your cursor within music list and key in ctrl-a. 3) Take and drag the highlighted items to newly created playlist (Songs that have an exclamation will not show up in this list). 4) Then what you will need to do is create a Smart Playlist (named "All Exclamation") and set the following options: a) | Playlist | is not | no exclam | b) Hit ok 5) Then you should have all exclamation ridden songs in this Smart Playlist. Then I had to go through each one and set the path for the files, or find out what was wrong with the file.