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Top 15 wordpress 2.7.1 plugins

There is a lot of "stuff" on my page and I would like to explain a few things: I have many plugins that I am using on my site and some that I need and some that are not that necessary but are useful in some aspects. So i am going to rate the 15 best plugins that I have found to be useful in my blogging experience. (the majority of these are mainly coding related because I have a lot of code that I've made and want on my site) 15) Akismet 2.2.4  Akismet 2.2.4
» Matt Mullenweg (url)
Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. You need a API key to use it. You can review the spam it catches under “Comments.” To show off your Akismet stats just put <?php akismet_counter(); ?> in your template. See also: WP Stats plugin. My Reasoning: I had someone spamming my comment block even with the reCaptcha installed. At one point I had 120 spam comments. 14) NextGEN Gallery 1.2.1  NextGEN Gallery 1.2.1
» Alex Rabe (url)
A NextGENeration Photo gallery for the Web 2.0. My Reasoning: Because I have a lot of pictures and I wanted to show my family and friends some things that I have done to the house. 13) Contact Form 7  Contact Form 7
» Takayuki Miyoshi (url)
Just another contact form plugin. Simple but flexible. My Reasoning: I was able to make a contact form and many other random things that I needed to grab information from people. It also has the use of Captcha. 12) Search Unleashed 0.2.27  Search Unleashed 0.2.27
» John Godley (url)
Advanced search engine that provides full text searching across posts, pages, comments, titles, and URLs. Searches take into account any data added by other plugins, and all search results are contextually highlighted. You can also highlight incoming searches from popular search engines. My Reasoning: It a great engine to search your site and highlight what is searched. 11) Google XML Sitemaps 3.1.3  Google XML Sitemaps 3.1.3
» Arne Brachhold (url)
This plugin will generate a compatible sitemap of your WordPress blog which is supported by, Google, MSN Search and YAHOO. Configuration Page My Reasoning: You have to get you site out there somehow! 10) FD Feedburner Plugin 1.4  FD Feedburner Plugin 1.4
» John Watson (url)
Redirects all feeds to a Feedburner feed My Reasoning: It would be top 5 but a lot of the times it fails. But it makes for a really cool feed look. 9) Whydowork Adsense 1.2  Whydowork Adsense 1.2
» Whydowork (url)
Insert Adsense code in your pages without modifying the template. Show different ads for articles older than 7 days (or as old as you wish). My Reasoning: Because ads can make you money if you have visitors that click on them. 8) WP Easy Uploader 1.0.8  WP Easy Uploader 1.0.8
» Chris Jean (url)
Easily upload any type of content without the need for FTP. You can even upload plugin and theme archives and have the files automatically extract into the plugin or theme folder. My Reasoning: Because when you just don't want to sign in to your stupid server acct just to upload a picture. 7) WP-PluginsUsed 1.40  WP-PluginsUsed 1.40
» Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan (url)
Display WordPress plugins that you currently have (both active and inactive) onto a post/page. My Reasoning: Well if it weren't for the really cool coding plugins and admin plugins this would be top. 6) WP-reCAPTCHA 2.9.6  WP-reCAPTCHA 2.9.6
» Jorge Peña (url)
Integrates reCAPTCHA anti-spam solutions with wordpress My Reasoning: What can I say spam sucks so integrate this and no more. 5) Register Plus 3.5.1  Register Plus 3.5.1
» Skullbit (url)
WordPress 2.5+ ONLY. Enhance your Registration Page. Add Custom Logo, Password Field, Invitation Codes, Disclaimer, Captcha Validation, Email Validation, User Moderation, Profile Fields and more. My Reasoning: Because you don't want just anyone to register right? 4)Its a tie between these two: Woopra  Woopra
» Elie El Khoury (url)
This plugin adds Woopra’s real-time analytics to any WordPress installation. Simply sign up at, then activate the plugin and configure your site ID in the Woopra settings. Stats 1.4 Stats 1.4
» Andy Skelton (url)
Tracks views, post/page views, referrers, and clicks. Requires a API key. My Reasoning: I like both but I beginning to like Woopra much more than the standard one. You can name your vistors with woopra so you don't need to wonder if that was you looking at your site five fridays ago. 3) Executable PHP widget 1.1  Executable PHP widget 1.1
» Otto (url)
Like the Text widget, but it will take PHP code as well. Heavily derived from the Text widget code in WordPress. My Reasoning: Because who wants to write php in the theme files? 2) SyntaxHighlighter Evolved 2.1.0  SyntaxHighlighter Evolved 2.1.0
» Viper007Bond (url)
Easily post syntax-highlighted code to your site without having to modify the code at all. Uses Alex Gorbatchev’s SyntaxHighlighter v2.0.320 and code by Andrew Ozz of Automattic. My Reasoning: I love writing code and everything and I am trying to learn more and more, and what better way to teach someone what you know.... THANK YOU SYNTAX HIGHLIGHTER! 1)and last but not least, the most important one for me is: Wordpress Backup (by BTE) 1.4.5  WordPress Backup (by BTE) 1.4.5
» Blog Traffic Exchange (url)
Backup the upload directory (images), current theme directory, and plugins directory to a zip file. Zip files optionally sent to email. Configuration options are here. My Reasoning: Because if it wasn't for this plugin I would have lost all of my data when I upgraded wordpress. Well I hope this is useful and let me know if you have any other ones that you think ROCK!!!!