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zce-php-engineer-logo-l Security+_CE A little about me: It all started when I was a little tyke in high school and then I decided to join the Marines and become a Harrier Avionics technician. Marines Few Proudav8_02 I did that for about five years and decided that it was enough for me and at the same time I needed to pursue my degree. After working with electronics and being challenged by the tasks that the Harrier jet had given me I decided to try and go for my electrical engineering degree at the University of Maryland. I first thought that it would be a good idea and live with my family in Annapolis, MD but after living on my own for so long, it was short lived (about a year). I then started going forward and applying to colleges, and the next thing I knew I was given an opportunity to attend the University of Maryland at College Park. UMD Logo So I started on my journey to become a college graduate. It was daunting at first because there wasn't anyone to watch over my shoulder to make sure that what I was doing was right. It was only on me unlike the Marines. I am in my final credits to graduate on time by May 2010. As of May 2008 I took a full-time position at the University of Maryland working with the electrical and computer engineering department with technical operations as a faculty research assistant. I am going to school part-time. I have bought a house with my fiance' and we now have two puppies. Life is good in the world of Tom and I love it everyday!!!!! Peace and enjoy the site more updates anytime I get a chance. UPDATE: I am married now!!!! lol

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