Status of MP3 Player Plugin

Ok SO I have had many inquries about when the next version of the mp3 player is going to come out.. So I am here to set a few things straight:
  1. My partner and I still have to figure out some menial details on the legal four-front
  2. There are still a few bugs/concerns that I have with the plugin until that is fixed I don't want to release garbage.
  3. I am incorporating some new players that will add some cool features to the plugin as well
  4. There has been numerous things happen in my personal life in the last couple of months that made it virtually impossible to get adequate time to work on the plugin.
  5. Hopefully by the end of February it will be finished and working to the fullest extent.

I thank you all for patiently awaiting the arrival of the new version you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!
Here are some pictures just to tide you over for awhile:
Some pictures are a bit goofy when you click so open in a new tab or window to see the full size.

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