Just thought I would change my site a little

I think I like it but not too sure yet.. I need to see how it grows on me and then I need to see how much work I want to put into it, development wise anyway. I may not put any custom code in here at all. I think this should just be for random blurps about me and what I like. I will say however it has been way too long since I have done anything on this site. Not too sure if I will keep it alive or not. So my question to myself is where is this really going? Am I going to continue to fork my self out there to all you hungry readers about the nonsense that I write or continue to use this site as hub for my ongoing endeavors with WordPress and all its glory? (HMMMMMM) Definitely something to think about.

Updates About Me

1) I just took my security + exam and passed it! It feels great to be certified and I welcome the challenges that are soon to come from my job. 2) I am learning more and more about VBA and SharePoint. 3) Working on another business website 2 Dudes Webdesign. We are not finished but will be soon.. so check back often. We are offering website services and webdesign. 4) Fixed my parents PS3 (PlayStation 3), so now I have a new PlayStation. 5) Figured out to make a better Firefox toolbar with a much better interface. Well that is all for now.

Plugins Updates With SVN Repos and WebSVN

I have been creating and configuring all sorts of new applications and wanted a way to track and update my plugins and projects easily and conveniently, so I created Plugin Updates plugin. This plugin makes a breeze to configure and update all things related to plugins. I first installed SVN and WebSVN on my server through Bluehost.com (dedicated IP, works best). Then I started making repos for all my plugins and low and behold I was able to create something really useful for me, here take a look and the demo video:
UPDATE: Ok so the version commander has finally found a place on wpxtensions.com. The functionality is the much the same it still versions plugins and pushes them out, but it may look a little different from the video. So any way if you want to buy the plugin you still have time to do so, for a discounted price.

M2n-SLI Deluxe and AMD Phenom II X4

I have been looking and browsing around to see what I can do to make the computer work with a new processor (AMD Phenom II X4 3.2 GHz). As per previous POST I have been able to get the processor working on this Motherboard (M2n-SLI Deluxe).
  1. The first thing that needed to be done was the BIOS upgrade to 5001 version.
  2. Next the CPU needed to be replaced; after that I was having a few boot issues and sometimes it would not start. Soft booting happened about 3-4 times. Had to switch back to old CPU, Then tried to install the new one again. Was able to get the PC to start. Was not able to change CPU freq in BIOS, (Set everything to Auto).
  3. Then Downloaded: For 64 Bit Windows 7 you need PhenomMsrTweaker; was able to set the default CPU freq to above 3.6GHz.
  4. After a few reboots and restarts everything is running pretty flawlessly. So the update to the CPU made the computer run really fast and really well. (Specs).
If you have any Questions please feel free to ask.